Client Reviews

I wanted to share a referral of an outstanding Realtor with you.  My husband and I are currently selling our house and have had the opportunity to meet and work with an amazing Realtor, Tran Ly Baunach. Tran was not representing my family in this transaction, but rather the buyers of our house.  She has been instrumental in keeping the transaction together and has a style that is very personable and professional.  She is definitely someone that understands the “white glove” experience and I believe would be an excellent partner in any transaction. From my experience, I know it can be difficult to find passionate, professional, and knowledgeable Realtors.


Jennifer Glaab | Home Seller


It was our great fortune to have Tran Ly Baunach referred to sell our home. By coincidence, we remembered meeting Tran when we first bought our home, but we could not remember her name or how to locate her. Tran had made an initial impression on us because of her refreshingly helpful and down to earth style. It was important to us to find a professional, honest and hardworking realtor. Tran is all of these. Tran was extremely motivated in all phases of our home sale. Although another realtor had declined the challenge of selling our home, because this was a work relocation sale, Tran accepted the atypical terms of sale. She was quick to get our house listed. She put together a thorough and professional marketing plan with online advertising, signs and open houses. We trusted Tran to continue to market our home and communicate with us when the time came to pack our belongings and move across the country. When an interested buyer came forward, Tran worked with us closely, even across three time zones, to negotiate and make the sale happen. We are appreciative of Tran's talent and work ethic and consider ourselves very fortunate to have found a realtor we could really trust. We most definitely recommend Tran Ly Baunach as your Realtor. 

Charles & Melissa | Home Seller & Buyer

I just wanted to let you in on a little secret. I can't tell you how many Realtors that I have run into over the last year that are pushy as heck. Even the nice ones are relentless. They all throw their cards at me, say "call me when you're ready". Here's the secret part....I have no intention of calling any of them, only YOU!!!!!!! You have gone out of your way for us, have been sweet, friendly, and PATIENT. When I'm ready, I promise you unconditionally, that you will get the sale, even if it is a small sale. I also pass out your business cards to other families. Keep up the great work! If all the others like you as much as we do, you must have quite a following.

Susan | Home Seller

Bob and I just wanted to say how much we appreciate all you did for us. From the moment we met you both of us knew we had the perfect Realtor. Your knowledge, determination, hard work and never ending energy made our buying a home become a reality. Thank you for being so patient and easy going, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. You are truly a one-in-a-million person and Realtor!

Bob & Mari Ann | Home Buyer

Tom & I would like to let you know that we received the emails of the listing of our house. WOW!!! The pictures are breathtaking!! We would also like to tell you how much we appreciate everything you have done so far. You have made us so happy and wowed us with how much hard work you have put into selling our home. You are an awesome person and Realtor. You are so positive and happy all the time which makes it great to work with you! Thank You Again.

Tom & Lilly | Home Seller

Tran, did it with determination and a great deal of grace! You really were a pleasure to work with and if we should have an opportunity in the future both Sam and I would love to repeat the process.

Sandy Jackson, Brad Davis Properties

It all worked out! I specialized in logistics in my master degree program, and a large part of my work involves logistics work as well. Thank you for handling all the logistics with the house sale superbly and cost-efficiently, and allowing me to be worry-free and to stay focused on adapting to a new life in a new place.

Canh | Home Seller

Thank you so much for your generous heart and time. We are so happy we met you, Tran. You are a kindly and wonderfully wonderful Realtor, too. Thanks for your loving and encouraging help so far. You have helped us so much!

Jason & Erica | Home Buyers

You simply rock!

Ian | Home Buyer